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I am Mathias Koester,

Founding Architect of STUDIOMKA and the Internet Portal GREENLUXURY.



Mathias Koester

Architect ARB, Diplom Ingenieur


Founder + Director


Following the slogan "Design for a better living" I believe that Architecture and Design have a direct influence on our lives and hence set out to create joyful spaces that are uplifting and inspiring to use.

STUDIOMKA promotes teamwork as we find that the best designs evolve in close collaboration with our clients and the dedicated design team of architects, designers, engineers, cost consultants and the construction companies and builders involved.

Especially in the abroad projects we are thankful for our great Partner Architects, Consultants and Builders who make those projects possible.


Unique Design


Individual, innovative designs with

particular attention to the site

views, sun, wind, sound, privacy


Specialised in residential, hospitality and high end commercial projects


Balanced mix of cutting edge construction technologies and traditional materials:

Steel, Glass, Stone, Timber...


Light and open designs with

flexible use over time


Warm and calm ambience

for enhanced wellbeing


Sustainable approach with solar green design elements

Proven Quality


14 years of international

project experience:

Foster and Partners, LDN

Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners

Fuksas Architects, FRA

APM Mallorca, PMI

MKArchitects, LDN, HAM, PMI


Trackrecord of award winning

projects and satisfied clients


Innovative and bold designs,

yet feasible and cost-controlled


Teamwork for best results:

Clients, Architects, Engineers,

Project Managers, Interior and Landscape Designers,

Cost and specialist Consultants,

Contractors and Agents

Excellent Communication


User friendly design visualisation

throughout the project stages:

From initial hand drawn perspectives and 3D computer work images to professional renderings prior to construction


Transparent design and

construction process with

detailed design reports at the

end of every design stage


Multilingual design team


Our Mission Statement

We intend to wake up every morning excited – looking forward to make a difference to the world and the peoples’ lives, including our own.

Exited to solve problems, to put a smile on someone’s’ face and to create outstanding architecture and design, we aim to spend our time passionately, stay fit and live healthy, surround ourselves with our great family and friends, lots of music, travel frequently and never stop learning.

Thus we live up to our best selves, igniting our creative minds, talents and skills and go to bed at night with the internal satisfaction of a highly joyful and productive day.


Mathias Koester, Dubai – Palm Jumeirah 06.02.2019


Set up in 2019, STUDIOMKA is looking for Partner Architects, Consultants and Developers in the following Locations:

Balears and Andalucia, Spain

London, UK

Hamburg, Germany

Milan, Italy

Saint Lucia, Caribbean

Let's          it!

STUDIO mka 2019

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